Thursday, 17 April 2014

There is great potential within you

Take control of your mind. If you change your thoughts you will change your destiny.

There is infinite power available to you: all you have to do is to realize it and use it. A magnetized piece of iron will lift many times its own weight. A demagnetized piece will lift nothing. Likewise a magnetic human personality will attract friends, lovers and wealth. A demagnetized person, full of fear and doubts about people not liking them or losing money, will repel all opportunities. You can control this by controlling your subconscious mind. Once you learn how to control this tremendous power that lies within you, your life can become grander. All it needs is for you to take control. You can attract the right business or life partner and money. Many people have already done so.
     There are a few key principles you need to learn to operate your subconscious mind. The rules for operating it are as set as the laws of physics or chemistry. If you burn hydrogen in oxygen you always get water, H2O: you don’t sometimes get H5O or HO2. Likewise if you let go of a heavy object at the top of a tall building, it always falls to the ground. The law of gravity always applies. The object never hovers or moves up, or sideways.
     Your subconscious mind also follows unvarying laws of nature. It follows the law of belief. Whatever you believe will come to pass within your mind. Everything is the result of your beliefs. Stop accepting false and damaging beliefs. Fill your mind with good things: with thoughts of harmony, health and wealth.
     Think of the human brain as a computer: the most powerful computer ever made. Like any computer it has parts for input and output and parts inside that you don’t see, for processing data. With a computer you input data using the keyboard or a webcam and receive output on the screen, printer or other controlled device. The human brain is the same. Most input from your senses and output to your limbs is controlled by the conscious mind. You input and output data with conscious thought. But the vast bulk of work is carried out by the subconscious mind.
     Just as you never really know what the microprocessor or graphics card is doing in a computer, you are not aware of how your brain is controlling your heart, digestive system or renal system. Your computer can produce tremendous work or garbage, depending on the input. So too can your brain. Computer programmers have a saying for the results of poor programming – “Garbage in, garbage out.” The same principle applies to your brain.
     Think of your subconscious mind as a garden and your conscious mind as a gardener. Your conscious mind plants thoughts in your subconscious mind. The thoughts can be the seeds of fruits or the seeds of weeds. You need to take control of the seeds that you plant. Sow thoughts of peace, happiness and prosperity. Think quietly about the good qualities you want to have. When you learn to control your thought processes you can take control of your life and be able to deal comfortably with any difficulty. Each of the following chapters will give specific illustrations of how to use the power of your subconscious mind to control your life as you would like it.
     Your conscious brain is like the captain of a ship. It orders the subconscious mind to operate the engines. But the people in the engine room don’t know if the ship is on course or headed for rocks. It is up to the captain to give the right orders. If you keep on telling yourself you cannot afford something or you will never attract a mate, you never will. Your subconscious mind will follow orders. But if you tell your mind you will receive it, your subconscious mind will obey. You or nature will find a way to bring it to you.
Never tell yourself you can’t have something or do something you want. If you do, immediately reverse the thought. Tell yourself you can afford it. You can do it.
     The great secret that those who achieved great things in science or the arts possessed was the power to control the mind. Decide now that you want to take control of your mind. Change your thoughts and you will change your destiny. Believe.
     This is an extract from ‘Improve your life’ by George Nicholas. It is based on ideas of Dr Joseph Murphy from ‘The power of your subconscious mind’.

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