Thursday, 1 May 2014

The power of your subconscious

Use your conscious mind to influence your subconscious with positive images.

The power of your subconscious is beyond measure. It never sleeps. It controls all your bodily functions. It stores vast amounts of information. You can use this power by plainly telling your subconscious before you go to sleep that you want it to perform a specific task.      Your subconscious is the source of your ideals, aspirations and altruistic urges. All the great artists and writers from history tapped into the potential of their subconscious mind to come up with the great ideas that inspired their work. 
     This great power can be used to control your body to help cure medical ailments. In the 1840s a Scottish surgeon called Dr James Esdaile carried out 400 major operations on patients in India. This was in the days before anesthesia or a proper understanding of control of infections. Esdaile hypnotized his patients before carrying out the amputation or removal of a tumor. They felt no pain. None died during surgery. None had infected wounds. The same power that inspired Esdaile and protected his patients can be yours.
     Murphy himself used the power of his subconscious mind to cure skin cancer. The subconscious makes the body. It processes food and turns it into tissue. Older cells are constantly being broken down and processed through your kidneys. The subconscious has made every cell in your body, so all you need to do is to tell it to make them better. Murphy wrote a prayer and repeated it aloud for 5 minutes two or three times a day. He told himself that all his bodily organs were created by the divine intelligence of his subconscious. It knows how to heal him. It is using that power to fix every cell in his body. He thanked it for fixing him. In 3 months the cancer was gone.
     You should make up a prayer in your own words and repeat it morning and nighttime to use this power to control your body. I myself used to suffer from rectal bleeding of internal hemorrhoids. Since I told my subconscious to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels in my anus I have not had a recurrence.
     Your whole life is there in your subconscious. Whatever thoughts, beliefs and theories are imprinted onto your subconscious will manifest externally. Therefore you must impress correct thoughts on your subconscious. If you think negatively, those thoughts generate destructive emotions that are also expressed. What do you feel about yourself now? About your body, finances, friendships, relationships, social status?
     What you feel is what is expressed. You injure yourself with negative thoughts such as anger, fear and envy. You were not born with those negative thoughts. Feed your subconscious positive thoughts to counter these and they will be wiped away.
     Your subconscious works night and day controlling your body. While you sleep your body continues to breathe, to pump blood, to digest food, to repair damaged cells. Your conscious mind does not know how to operate these processes, but it can interfere with them. Imagine that you go to the cockpit of an airliner. You would not be able to operate the plane, but you would be capable of interfering with the captain to make it difficult for him. The role of the conscious mind can be similarly destructive with bodily functions. Thoughts of stress, worry and anxiety from your conscious mind can interfere with your health.
     When you feel stressed or anxious you need to learn to relax. You need to talk to your subconscious mind in a way that helps it operate your body, not in a way that harms it. You should set some time aside each day to allow yourself to relax. While relaxed tell yourself you are relaxed. Tell yourself that your subconscious knows how to make you perfect. Create an image in your mind of the way you want to be.
     Use your conscious mind to expect the best. Convey a positive image to your subconscious. Do not dwell on the negative. Picture yourself succeeding, in good health, solving problems. Feel the thrill of achieving these things. Your subconscious will let it come to pass.

This is an extract from ‘Improve your life’ by George Nicholas. It is based on ideas of Dr Joseph Murphy from ‘The power of your subconscious mind’.

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